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   We specializing in the production of titanium and titanium alloy materials of non-ferrous metal processing enterprises.

Our company has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, perfect testing means, the integration of more than 10 years of material production experience and titanium equipment manufacturing experience, can provide customers with high-quality titanium materials and titanium equipment manufacturing.

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Factory direct sales Complete specifications, quality assurance Can be cut according to requirements, custom processing.

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    Our company deals in a wide range of business. Main various specifications of titanium plate, titanium rod, titanium tube, titanium wire, titanium alloy rod, titanium alloy plate,
Titanium anode, anode titanium Iridium tantalum plate, anode titanium ruthenium Iridium net, anode titanium ruthenium net, anode titanium plate,
Titanium net, Ruthenium net, Ruthenium Iridium net, titanium target, zirconium target, nickel target, titanium tube target, titanium plane target,
Titanium foil and titanium standard parts and other titanium non-standard parts.


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Titanium production grinding, surface gloss, flatness

Laser cutting

Laser cutting technology is a high precision and high efficiency processing method in titanium plate processing

Titanium blank processing

Forging process Rolling process Annealing process finishing process

quality assurance

Raw material quality assurance// Material reinspection// Chemical composition analysis// Mechanical property test// Corrosion test// Metallographic microscopy// Nondestructive testing// Welding quality evaluation// Marking and packing//

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Our products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical, petroleum, electric power, medical, construction, sporting goods and other fields